Our R&D laboratories have formulated a new range of exterior grade top coats for the coating of wood windows, shutters and doors requiring high resistance against grease and oils (lotions, sweat, etc.).
The softening of the coating film on windows and doors, especially in areas subject to frequent contact with the hands, will no longer be a problem!

The ARBOREA PROTECH range ensures protection for exterior wood providing a high degree of chemical resistance, which is essential near handles, openings, etc.
Preventing softening of the coating film in these areas is of the utmost importance also for performing proper cleaning.


Our sustainable choice

Our R&D team has reached the summit of the queen of the Dolomites (Punta Penia, Marmolada 3343 m), to take ten panels coated with our BIO products and subject them to the harshest of natural aging tests; to show the world that sustainable choices are possible, even in extreme conditions.

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