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ARBOREA METAL - Water-based exterior wood stains with metallic effects

The Arborea Pastel range is, then, composed of low-sheen coatings that endow the wood with a more natural effect through their semi-transparent pastel shades, which bring out the wood grain.
The 24 colors are available with IM538C exterior wood stain base for Pine (or Accoya) and are suitable for two-color effects to match exterior wood paint or Arborea Metal coatings.The Arborea Metal range is composed of water-based exterior wood stains and top coats with metallic effects, which are able to deliver a high level of protection thanks to the presence of metallic pigments that preserve the wood against the degradation that results from exposure to UV rays.

The Arborea Metal water-based wood stains have been designed specifically for application to wooden houses and wooden items located outdoors (matchboarding, fencing, etc.) and indoors (roof boards, matchboarding, etc.).

Water-based exterior wood stains with metallic effects

Product range

The Arborea Metal water-based wood stains are available in 6 shades and produce an appealing weathered metallic effect. The presence of metallic pigments within the coatings allows them to protect the surface to which they are applied against external agents, endowing the surface with an innovative aesthetic effect. In addition, they are easy to apply and to restore.

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