IRIDEA - ECV-Validated coatings for interiors

The IRIDEA BIO coatings for interiors have been formulated with raw materials made from recycled waste using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes; indeed, they reduce the greenhouse effect caused by CO₂ emissions and are in keeping with the most recent green policies adopted all over the world. Since they have an exceptionally low impact on the environment, they also make it easier to obtain LEED credits.

UL’s Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) attests the exact percentage of renewable content in BIO coatings. Independent and rigorous, the testing process confirms the ICA Group’s commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Characteristics and advantages

– Certified quantity of renewable content in the products.
– Fewer CO2 emissions.
– Extraordinary aesthetics and premium chemical-physical performance levels for the finish.
– Reduction in indoor pollution and the risk of chemical exposure in order to create healthier interior environments.

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