URBAN MATTER - Liquid Foil

The effect is produced through a coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) that combines the lacquered gloss coating with the steel-effect metallic coating. The light scratches on the surface provide the minute detail that makes the surface an even more faithful reproduction of steel and, accentuated by the reflection of the light, generates undertones and a sense of movement. The Urban Matter range – composed of high-impact, material-like effects – embodies a style that is at once contemporary, refined, realistic and “imperfect” (due to the deliberate unevenness of the coated surface). It is a style that is very much inspired by the everyday.

The Liquid Foil effect features five different metallic hues which create a “tin”, “gold”, “brass”, “copper” and “bronze” effect.

Material-like effects for interior furnishings

How to create the “Liquid Foil” steel effect

This effect is obtained by using a simple coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper), followed by a careful sanding and brushing process during which the metal particles present in the coating film are polished, creating a metallic surface.

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