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ELDORADO24K - Luxury

The Special Effects range is inspired by luxury interior design, offering refined and unique effects with a big visual impact and great elegance. This collection of products meets the requirements of designers and interior professionals who demand beauty in every element, regardless of its function, with the ultimate goal of offering truly artistic aesthetic results.

The ELDORADO 24K range features water-based and solvent-based coatings that create a gleaming high-sheen metal effect.
Products are available in gold, rose gold, bronze and copper. Limitless color options can be created based on a sample.
ELDORADO 24K coatings can be applied on various types of items: plastic materials, various objects, glass and interior furnishings in general.

high-sheen metal-effect coatings

Characteristics and advantages

– High-sheen gleaming-metal effect.
– Can be applied to three-dimensional objects.
– Excellent color fastness.
– Resistant to oxidation.
– Metallic effect with a single coat.
– Ability to create colors based on sample.

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