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IRIDEA RANGE - EPOGLOSSET: epoxy resin for interior furnishings

EPOGLOSSET is a colorless transparent bicomponent epoxy resin which solidifies through a chemical reaction by mixing two liquid parts (resin and hardener). The end result is a solid, vitreous and glossy compound with highly performing chemical and physical characteristics. It has manifold uses. It can be used to make tables, cabinet doors, shelves, and to embed integrated objects and in general for any furniture for interior.

EPOGLOSSET is ultra-transparent but can be pigmented by adding pastes for epoxy products and it can be customized by adding mother-of-pearl powder, glitter, gold or silver powder.

Characteristics and advantages

– Perfect transparency even with high thicknesses.
– Excellent waterproofing properties.
– High chemical and mechanical resistance.
– Extremely high dry residue (>90%).
– Excellent adhesion on wood, metal and cement.
– Easy to work (cutting, smoothing,
brushing) due to its excellent elasticity, hardness and tenacity.
– High stability over time.

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