PROMETEA - Fire-retardant coatings

When making public building like: theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, hospitals, schools, churches or hotels, it is important to meet European fire prevention standards. The ICA Group’s Prometea line is made up of fire-retardant coatings to meet the strictest fire prevention regulations, the European standard UNI EN 13501, Italian standard UNI 9796, through to the British Standard.

The ICA Group’s line of fire-retardant coatings includes transparent, white or pigmented coating cycles, with fire resistance certificates to meet all needs. These cycles are very popular on the market as they combine physical and chemical performance with excellent top coats.

Specific coating cycles for nautical furnishings

The ICA Group has also developed specific coating cycles for nautical furnishings, that pass the strict tests required by the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) (European Directive 96/98/EC).

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