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S-MATT – Water-based

S-MATT is the brand new range of interior coatings with a smart and bold nature. It offers an ultra-matt, anti-glare, high performance, sophisticated velvety soft-touch finish, which combines well with any type of surface and material. It can be applied on solid wood, natural or precomposed veneer, MDF, melamine sheets, glass and plastic, to protect and preserve the beauty of manufactured items.
The bi-component water-based AOX top coats can be applied by spray and are ideal for vertical surfaces and edges.


For modern and functional living environments, the coated furniture, furnishing accessories and wooden floors need to ensure excellent performance in terms of beauty and durability. 
S-MATT is the revolutionary coating with superpowers:
–    ANTI-GLARE with very low sheen levels, below (or equal to) 5 gloss.
–    VERTICAL SURFACES the products of the series comply with the requirements of the UNI 11216 regulation for vertical surfaces. 
The surfaces coated with AOX series products are able to self-heal by gently wiping them with a damp or wet cloth using warm water. 

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