URBAN MATTER - Stone effect

The coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) combines the use of a gloss base with a two component water-based coating with satin-finish metal effect, which is then protected with a matte acrylic transparent top coat. The slight scratching of the surface, coupled with the application of an aging patina, creates dynamism and unique, highly appealing shades.The Urban Matter range – composed of high-impact, material-like effects – embodies a style that is at once contemporary, refined, realistic and “imperfect” (due to the deliberate unevenness of the coated surface). It is a style that is very much inspired by the everyday.

The stone effect is obtained by using a coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) made up of lacquered or metallized coatings in different colors, giving the variants “stone”, “moon rock” and “bluish stone”.

Material-like effects for interior furnishings

How to create stone effect

This effect is obtained using a simple coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper), followed by careful sanding. Application of the products can lead to varying aesthetic results depending on the manual skill of the operator.

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